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IT and Business Consulting

As today’s target-oriented businesses require technological solutions for supporting the independent/interactive activities/processes and progressing the results towards summit of the decision making process for formal performance evaluation, the applications are complex. This complexity creates a greater demand on enterprise-wide solutions having built-in security and control measures, flexibility, scalability and expandability. Enabling the clients to define their respective business strategy (based on short, mid and long term business visions) and linked IT strategy, identify, procure and implement the platforms and tools required for achieving the strategy through high level project management methodology.

nPoint Consulting takes pride in claiming that itself as a 'Persuasive Force' for enabling businesses through appropriate utilization of technologies and its resources possess the intellectual and technical skills in the cutting-age technology and process re-engineering methodologies. nPoint Consulting provide the following services to its clients under the IT and Business Consulting domain:

  • Business Consulting

    • Management Perspective

    • Technology (Automated) Perspective (based on business enabling services)

    • Techno-business Perspective

      • Business Systems Study for needs identification

      • Business Systems Workshops aiming at confirmation of the needs and their prioritization

      • Formulation of agreed IT Strategy linked with Business Strategy

      • Implementation of defined IT Strategy

  • Process Re-engineering

  • Project Management

  • Customization, implementation and maintenance of packaged (pre-developed) solution